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بازي جذاب Galaxy On Fire 3D

Galaxy on Fire 3D, abbreviated as GOF1 or GOF3D, was the first game to be set in the Galaxy on Fire universe.

Keith T. Maxwell, an honorable discharge from the Terran space fleet arrives on a battle cruiser at Eden Prime, and is granted his own ship from Admiral Smith. Christine Hammond greets Maxwell and shows him his new ship, an Icarus scout, Class II. After being taught the basics of the hangar, the game will proceed to a basic flight tutorial, explain how to fly, use weapons, and fight.

After returning to the station, Maxwell is greeted by Vlad Borsikov and is ordered to clear the space corridor of space junk. Afterwards, Maxwell proceeds through 9 different Lv as the storyline progresses.

As Keith progresses though the storyline, he helps several clients, all of whom are attacked by Vossk fighters. Keith then meets a Vossk who tells him that a Vossk general was working with a Terran officer, who turns out to be Vlad. A squad of Terran fighters, including Keith and Christine, attempt to attack Vlad, but fails, and Christine is killed in the process. Afterwards, Admiral Smith’s forces manage to track down Vlad again, and Keith proceeds to fight Vlad. The storyline ends when Vlad is killed and Christine’s death has been avenged.

Once the story mode is over, the player is granted access to the map and missions, and can free roam the galaxy accepting missions from various people to earn credits.

GOF1 took place during the Terran-Vossk War.

The name of the Galaxy in GOF3D is never mentioned.


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قابل نصب بر روی گوشی های نوکیا:

N96 | N95 | N93 | N92 | N91 | N82 | N81 | N80 | N78 | N77 | N76 | N75 | N73 | N71
E90 | E70 | E65 | E62 | E61 | E60 | E51 | E50 | 6290
6220 | 6121 | 6110 | 5700 | 5500 | 3250


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