میهن وب هاست به عنوان بزرگترین شرکت میزبانی وب ایرانی با نازلترین قیمت ها هاست های cpanel ایران و المان را با هارد ssd و آنتی دیداس مجانی ارائه میکند, به جمع بیش از ۷۰ هزار مشتری میهن وب هاست بپیوندید. سرور مجازی ایران با پهنای باند بالا , نمایندگی هاست سی پنل آلمان

دانلود فیلم آموزشی iOS OSX Game Development From Start to Store in Swift

فیلم آموزشی iOS OSX Game Development From Start to Store in Swift ، آموزش ساخت و گسترش بازی برای ios و مکینتاش از آغاز تا فروشگاه در نرم افزار سوئیفت می باشد که توسط شرکت Udemy تهیه و منتشر شده است تا در اختیار علاقمندان قرار بگیرد . Neil North  ، مدرس این دوره آموزشی ، سعی کرده است ابتدا تمام مبانی اولیه و آغازین ساخت بازی در ios و osx آموزش دهد سپس شروع به توضیح مباحث پیشرفته و پیچیده تر می کند ، در آخر هم به شما می گوید که چگونه می توانید با تبلیغات مناسب محصول خود را به فروش برسانید . در فیلم آموزشی iOS OSX Game Development From Start to Store in Swift به مباحثی از قبیل بررسی اجمالی دوره ، تشریح محتوای دوره ، مقدمه ای از Xcode ، طراحی یک بازی مبتدی ، ساخت نمونه اولیه ، ایجاد موسیقی ، ایجاد آیکون بازی ، ساخت موتور بازی سازی ، تنظیم فایل ها ، ایجاد کاراکتر ، تکمیل برنامه ، بازاریابی ، تست برنامه ، ارسال بازی برای فروش و … پرداخته می شود .


مباحث این دوره آموزشی :

01. Introduction

– What you will Learn
– Course overview which previews everything you will be learning in this course
– Why Swift and Why SpriteKit?
– There are many platforms and developer tools / languages available, so why should you use SpriteKit in the Swift language?
– Course Roadmap
– Outlines the content of this course.
– Course Requirements
– What you need for this course and how to set it up

02. Fundamentals of SpriteKit

– Welcome to Nodes
– High level summary of SpriteKit and it’s contents
– Introduction to Xcode (Playground)
– Get a run down on the Xcode IDE and familiarise yourself with it’s key features.
– Nodes in Swift
– See some simple SKNode examples in Swift code.
– Introduction to Xcode (Projects)
– Get a run down on the Xcode IDE and familiarise yourself with it’s key features.
– Introduction to SKNode and SKSpriteNode
– Learn about SKNode and SKSpriteNode
– SKNode and SKSpriteNode in Swift
– See how SKNodes and SKSpriteNodes work in Swift code
– Introduction to SKLabelNode and SKEmitterNode
– Learn about SKLabelNode and SKEmitterNode
– SKLabelNode and SKEmitterNode in Swift
– See SKLabelNodes and SKEmitterNodes in Swift Code.
– Making Things Move
– Learn about the Game Loop, Physics and SKAction class
– SKActions in Swift
– See SKActions in Action using Swift
– The Game Loop in Swift
– Learn how the update: function works and see the game loop in action in Swift.
– Physics in Swift
– Get a brief introduction to the physics engine and see how objects react in Swift.
– Controlling the Game
– Learn about how to handle screen taps on an iOS device or button presses and mouse clicks on a Mac
– Control Methods in Swift
– Learn how to interact with your game in multiple ways using iOS and Mac controls schemes.
– Game Design Architecture
– Learn how to build games for scalability
– Basic Game Architecture in Swift
– See a game design architecture in action using Swift.
– Introduction to Normal Maps for use with Lighting
– Use normal maps with SKLightNodes to enhance the lighting quality of your 2D sprites.
– SKLightNode and how to use it
– Master the SKLightNode and make some really cool effects, great for cave exploration games and rogue like games.
– SpriteKit Quiz
– questions

03. Create your first Game (Pre-Start)

– The 10 Step Game Development Workflow
– Preview
– Learn about my 10 Step process
– Designing your First Game
– Some basic design strategies
– Pre-Start Research
– What to do before you lock in your game and name.
– Build a Prototype
– What to try and when you know you are ready to continue.
– Design your Game Architecture
– Plan out the design of your game.
– Source your Resources
– Create or find the images, sounds and music you need to make your game really pop!
– Finding Royalty Free Game Assets
– How to locate and use royalty free assets.
– Create a Title Graphic
– Use adobe flash to create a title for your game
– Create Game Icons
– Create game icons to use in your game

04. Building the App

– Build your Game Engine
– Throwing it all together. Creating a product you can be proud of.
– Course Files
– Course Files
– Template Walkthrough
– A run through of the cross platform template that has been created for you and where to access it.
– Prepare the structure of Project
– Set up files, bring in resources, create scenes
– Setup the Main Menu
– Add buttons and artwork.
– Preparing the GameScene
– Setup the main game scene the way you had previously structured it.
– Create a Parallax Background
– Make your moving background really pop!
– Setting up Game World with Tiles
– Use TileMaps to layout your levels.
– Affiliate – iOS Games by Tutorials
– Learn about this book which I love and have learnt a lot from.
– Create a Player
– Create the player class and add it to the scene.
– Create a HUD with Controls
– Look at setting up a HUD with Controls.
– Jump, Throw and Pause
– Look at setting up your player with Jump and Throw commands, as well as pausing the entire scene.
– Create a Destructible Crate
– Look at adding objects to the scene.
– Triggers for wins and losses and Gem Collecting
– Create kill zones and win areas.
– Character Picker, Level Picker and Post Scene
– Setup the additional scenes required and link them accordingly.
– Sounds and Music
– Add sound effects and music to the game
– Taking Advantage of Glyph Designer
– How to use Glyph Designer 2.0 from 71 Squared to improve your fonts.
– Refine your game UI to meet UX Standards
– As the game is, not all is explained and it doesn’t meet Apple expectations under the HIG.
– Add Icons to the Game
– Learn how to add icons to both your iOS and Mac builds.
– Create the Content
– Add levels, skins, etc to give your game longevity.

05. Finishing the App (Post Production to AppStore)

– Pre-Marketing
– Marketing prior to game release.
– Marketing Checklist
– questions
– Testing your App
– Beta testing and self testing.
– The Product Submission and Launch
– Submitting your app to the store and preparing for launch.
– Introduction to Apple Developer Accounts
– Check out the developer area after registering an apple ID.
– Creating Bundle IDs
– The process of setting up your App ID, provisioning profile.
– Introduction to iTunes Connect
– A quick tour around ITC.
– Setting up the App in iTunes Connnect
– Create your new apps in ITC.
– Submitting the app to Apple
– Submit for APProval.

06. Wrapping it Up

– Congratulations and where to go Next?

مشخصات دیگر فیلم آموزشی iOS OSX Game Development From Start to Store in Swift :

– ژانر : آموزشی

– شرکت سازنده : Udemy

– مدرس : Neil North

– مدت زمان انتشار : بیش از 5 ساعت

– پروژه ی تمرینی : ندارد

– نرم افزار مورد نیاز : Xcode-Swift

– تاریخ انتشار : 29-03-2015

– زبان : انگلیسی

– کیفیت نمایش : 720 * 1280

– فرمت فایل : mpeg – mp4

– زیرنویس فارسی : ندارد

خرید آنلاین
شما می توانید این محصول را سفارش دهید و درب منزل تحویل بگیرید
1 دی وی دی
5000 تومان
آموزش ساخت و گسترش بازی برای ios و مکینتاش از آغاز تا فروشگاه در نرم افزار سوئیفت از شرکت Udemy با کیفیت 720p
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