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دانلود مجموعه سمپل های صوتی Worship StackTraxx Complete Series

Worship StackTraxx Complete Series مجموعه ای صوتی از شرکت دیجیتال جویس می باشد در این مجموعه که شامل Vol 1-10 می باشد در هر قسمت ما شاهد بخش بندی با مضمون متفاوت می باشیم . هرکدام از این بخش ها شامل فایل های صوتی لایه لایه مناسب برای استفاده در دیجیتال جویس می باشد . فایل های با فرمت STX به راحتی و رایگان قابل استفاده در Juicer هستند . در Worship StackTraxx Complete Series هر ترک به صورت جدا دارای صدای زن و یا مرد به صورت اختیاری می باشد و بسیاری از آنها دارای لایه ها باز از پیش ساخته شده برای شخصی سازی می باشد . شما همچنان می توانید این آهنگ های قدرتمند ساخته شده را بدون صدا (Vocal) در اختیار داشته باشید . همچنین لیست اشعار هر ترک در قالب فایل PDF آورده شده که کمک بسیاری می کند .



Layered Music: When combined with the Juicer 3, StackTraxx provides you with the ultimate in production flexibility by letting you separate any of the cuts into their multi-track components. Each of the individual track layers can then be turned on or off. Create your own mixes right in the Juicer or you can output all of the layers individually to remix them later in your own audio and video editing environment.


 Alternate Tracks: Building on the power and flexibility of the Digital Juice StackTraxx layered concept, each Worship StackTraxx™ song includes alternate vocal tracks. A brand new, unique, foolproof method of choosing vocal options. It’s an easy way to quickly audition the right vocals for your project. Male or female, with or without the background vocal track. Audition your many options on the fly, then decide.


Click Track: Worship StackTraxx takes an innovative step forward in the world of royalty-free music by offering a click track with every song. Use the click track to ensure perfect timing reference for use within a live performance setting; keeping your whole ensemble in sync. Are you short a few places in your four piece band? No problem. Activate the click track and you’ve instantly tripled the capability of your in-house band.


Printable Song Book: Each Worship StackTraxx song is accompanied by a quick reference PDF song book available instantly from the Juicer. This song book includes lyrics and tablature in an easy-to-read and print Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Output one or many copies to your local or networked printer. Or include your selected song’s lyrics in your weekly church program for all to sing along.


Broadcast Cuts Included: Worship StackTraxx, like all other Digital Juice layered music, includes all of the industry standard broadcast cut lengths of :60, :30, :15 and :10. We’ve made it a snap to drop them directly into your bumper, announcement or commercial. Don’t worry, there are no simple fades or chopped endings here. Each broadcast cut has been treated as a complete musical work. All were crafted by our team of musical engineers.

Worship StackTraxx Complete Series

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مجموعه سمپل های صوتی Worship StackTraxx Complete Series
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