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دانلود بازی Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm v1.0.0.314 نسخه CODEX

Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm یکی از بازی های سبک استراتژیک است که توسط کمپانی Firaxis Games, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux) طراحی و ساخته شده و به تازگی توسط کمپانی 2K, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux) برای پلتفرم PC روانه بازار شده است. در Gathering Storm که دومین بستته الحاقی برای نسخه اصلی بازی Civilization VI است، جهان اطراف شما زنده تر از هر زمان دیگری است. نقشه راه پیروزی برای مردم خود را با توسعه فن آوری های پیشرفته و مهندسی پیشرفته و مذاکره با جامعه جهانی در کنگره جهانی در مورد مسائل مهم ترسیم کنید. انتخاب هایی که در بازی انجام می دهید بر اکوسیستم جهانی تاثیر می گذارند و می توانند بر آینده کل سیاره تأثیر بگذارند. بلایای طبیعی مثل سیل، طوفان و آتشفشان ها می توانند رفع و یا باعث نابود نواحی مختف شود – اما ممکن است آنها ممکن است سرزمین ها را پس از گذر، بازسازی و عنی سازند. علاوه بر این سیستم های جدید، Civilization VI: Gathering Storm هشت تمدن جدید و نه رهبر جدید را معرفی می کند. هفت عجایب جدید جهان و همچنین انواع واحدهای جدید، نواحی، ساختمان ها و پیشرفت ها را می توان ساخت.

محیط بازی Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm

*دقت کنید که این بازی روی سیستم های 64 بیتی قابل اجراست*

*دقت کنید که این بازی به صورت آفلاین است*

*حتما قبل از دانلود بازی سیستم مورد نیاز بازی را مطالعه کنید*

*برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر در رابطه با نحوه نصب بازی و ایرادات احتمالی به بخش راهنمای نصب مراجعه نمایید*

*Gathering Storm نسخه مستقل بوده و تمامی آپدیت ها، DLC و محتواهای قبلی منتشر شده را دارا می باشد*

مشخصات بازی Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm :

نام بازی : Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Stormپلتفرم : PCزبان : انگلیسیسال انتشار : 2019شرکت سازنده : Firaxis Games, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux)منتشر کننده : 2K, Aspyr (Mac), Aspyr (Linux)سبک بازی : استراتژیکامکان بازی به صورت آنلاین : نداردنوع فایل : ISOلینک مرتبط : STEAM

Sid Meiers Civilization VI Gathering Storm v1.0.0.314 Codex

In Gathering Storm, the second expansion to Civilization VI, the world around you is more alive than ever before.

Chart a path to victory for your people by developing new advanced technologies and engineering projects and negotiating with the global community in the World Congress on critical issues.

The choices you make in the game will influence the world ecosystem and could impact the future of the entire planet. Natural disasters like floods, storms, and volcanoes can pillage or destroy your Improvements and Districts – but they may also refresh and enrich the lands after they pass.

In addition to these new systems, Civilization VI: Gathering Storm introduces eight new civilizations and nine new leaders. Seven new world wonders can be constructed, as well as a variety of new units, districts, buildings, and improvements.

Volcanoes, storms (blizzards, sand storms, tornados, hurricanes), climate change, floods, and droughts.

Strategic resources play an additional role in Gathering Storm. These resources are now consumed in power plants to generate electricity for your cities. Initially you’ll be powering your most advanced buildings by burning carbon-based resources like Coal and Oil, but renewable energy sources also unlock as you progress to current-day technologies. Your choices about resource usage will directly affect the world’s temperature and can cause melting ice caps and rising sea levels.

Shape the world around your empire to overcome unfavorable land conditions by making improvements like canals, dams, tunnels and railroads. When settling cities, consider the flood risk to coastal lowland areas, but keep in mind that in the late-game, new technologies like Flood Barriers can be used to protect these tiles.

Make your voice heard among the other leaders of the world. Earn Diplomatic Favor through Alliances, influencing city-states, competing in World Games, and more. Use Diplomatic Favor to extract promises from other leaders, vote on Resolutions, call a Special Session to address an emergency, and increase the weight of your votes in your quest to achieve the new Diplomatic Victory.

A new era has been added to the Technology and Civics trees. Combat new environmental effects with speculative ideas such as relocating your population out to seasteads and developing technologies to recapture carbon emissions.

Nine new leaders from eight new civilizations are introduced. Each brings unique bonuses and gameplay, as well as a total of nine unique units, four unique buildings, three unique improvements, two unique districts and one unique governor.

The Black Death: The Black Death ravaged Europe and western Asia in the mid-14th century, killing a greater share of the population than any other event in world history. The pandemic killed millions, ruined economies, upended political dynasties and transformed the face of the Western world. Your task is to lead your nation through the calamity: keep your population alive, your economy strong, and your faith unshaken amidst a world of terror and desperation.

War Machine: At the outset of WWI, the German Imperial Army had a daring plan: invade neutral Belgium and then rush the French heartland before they could mobilize to resist. If successful, the German forces would capture Paris within a month and end their resistance forever. In counter, the French command prepared Plan 17, an all-out onslaught designed to meet and stop a German offensive. When war was declared, both armies swung into motion and set up one of the most incredible and shocking military campaigns in world history. In this multiplayer scenario, players take the side of one of these two great powers at this same precipice. As Germany, your task is to capture Paris. As France, your task is to prevent its capture. The clock is ticking, and the enemy is moving. Advance!

Seven new world wonders, seven natural wonders, 18 new units, 15 new improvements, 9 new buildings, 5 new districts, 2 new city sets, 9 new techs and 10 new civics have been added.

The Espionage system has been enhanced with new options, the Culture and Science Victories have been updated, new Historic Moments have been added, and additional improvements have been made to other existing systems.

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